March 25th 2018 – June 3rd, 2018


Hidden/Secret – Strategien des Verborgenen


Opening: Sunday, March 25th, 11 am



The focus of the exhibition project Hidden/Secret – Strategien des Verborgenen is on subversion as a strategy for social development and artistic processes. The conceptual point of departure for the group exhibition is a collaboration with the Iranian fim director Sina Ataeian Dena. It was only through subversive strategies that he was able to create his film Paradise (2015). The footage was shot without a governmental permit and partly under the smokescreen of a documentary film project. Moreover, a few scenes were filmed in a secret and to some extent – for example, with regard to the soundtrack – were reconstructed in Berlin. On the basis of the film, Sina Ataeian Dena developed an independent video installation and a series of photographs. Both were arranged with the Berlin artist Alec Barth.


A publication documenting the particular way the cinematic film was created will be published during the exhibition period; it contains various interviews with the participants as well as film- and art-theoretical texts on the theme.




Sina Ataeian Dena, Untitled, 2017, Fotografie auf Aluminium, 75 x 140 cm

Francis Alÿs, Reel/Unreel, 2011, In collaboration with Julien Devaux and Ajmal Maiwandi, Kabul Afghanistan, Video documentation of an action, color, sound, courtesy Galerie Peter Kilchmann

!Mediengruppe Bitnik, Assange's Room, 2017, Installation view, ArtLab EPFL Lausanne, Photo: Adrien Barakat, Lausanne








Not only political repression induces artists to evade control by existing systems. The mecanisms and structures of the Internet, for example, are the focus of !Mediengruppe Bitnik. In their works, the two artists deliberately challenge the system of the Internet in order to expose hidden digital paths of communication and commerce, systems of surveillance and bot-controlled activities.


Francis Alÿs will be represented with a group of works created for the documenta 13 in Afghanistan. The four videos that will be shown draw direct attention to a country that is known to the Western observer only from war bulletins as a permanent trouble spot. Francis Alÿs conveys insights into an Afghanistan that lies hidden under media reports.




Curator: Anka Wenzel




Since 18 May 2014


Lois Weinberger – Mobiler Garten


Opening: Sunday, 18 May 2014, 12am


The “Mobile Garten” by Lois Weinberger is a project organized by the Villa Merkel, galleries of the City of Esslingen am Neckar. It is installed in front of the winter garden and continues there over a longer period.









In its savagery the garden presents a contrast to the cultivated Merkelpark in style of an English garden.

Lois Weinberger<br/>NOUS, 2004<br/>Freiraum Studio Spiegelfabrik Niederösterreich

Lois Weinberger<br/>Mobiler Garten, 2014<br/>Installationsansicht Merkelpark/Villa Merkel

Lois Weinberger<br/>Plastikeimer, Erde, Spontanvegetation