June 18th - August 27th, 2017



fall into indescribable scenes


Opening: Sunday, June 18th, 11 am


JAK is anonymous.

JAK will only show artistic work.

However, JAK emerged in many ways over the last years - as an artist, author, psychotherapist, religious academic, an right now; JAK focusses on its film project SOUL BLINDNESS which lends its title to the exhibition at Villa Merkel. JAK is also a director and screenwriter. JAK's artistic work develops highly complex and follows an etremely precise conceptual concisness.


JAK is working on the film since 2013. The process of development differs from that of a normal, structured film shoot. Throughout ongoing exhibition activity, JAK writes the story of the script step by step, continuing it with each exhibition. In the process, JAK employs media such as drawing, text, video, sound, sculpture, painting, photography or installation.


It revolves around the phenomenon of the psychological anomaly agnosia - the soul blindness. Acts from the script of SOUL BLINDNESS transform and concretize for the exhibition to stages and sceneries inviting you to dive into the visualized intellectual world of JAK.

In the entrance hall of Villa Merkel, an old tree towers as a sculpture seven meters above the ground. It is supported by a bright green, reflective surface made of epoxy resin, positioned diagonally.






JAK, CUT TO:, 2017 (Entwurf)

JAK, his dream, 2017 (Entwurf)

JAK, Agnosia, 2017 (Detail)

JAK, Indescribable Scene, 2017 (Detail)

JAK, In Silence, 2017

JAK, Tableau of wolly scenes, 2017









Elsewhere, a landscape of flowing fog and floating porcelain objects suggests scenery from the screenplay of the film. Typographical paintings on canvas conceal texts in geometric abstractions. Spliced and mirrored texts reflect the conceptual treatment of a medical book. Hundres of scenic miniature drawings, molded in epoxy as if preserved, tell a story or show the way.


But who is JAK anyway? JAK neither shows a body or a coherent character - JAK transports identity through different artistic expressions and mirrors realities. Who JAK is remains the question - JAK forces the eye of the observers solely on the artistic work - somewhere between reality and phantasy.


The exhibition at Villa Merkel follows the exhibitions HUNTING at the Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart; PROLOG at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei, and CUT TO:, at Galerieverein, Leonberg, and is therefore the fourth solo exhibition related to this complex project from JAK. As a prelude to the exhibition in Esslingen, an initial exhibition took place at the Baden-Württemberg State Office of Representation in Brussels on March 2nd 2017.


The catalog for the exhibition is published by Snoeck Verlagsgesellschaft, Cologne.


08. Juli – 27. August 2017




Near Silbury Hill

Bildkästen von Siegfried Zwicker und weitere Arbeiten aus der Graphischen Sammlung der Stadt Esslingen


Eröffnung: Freitag, 07. Juli, 19 Uhr



Die Galerien der Stadt Esslingen präsentieren im Bahnwärterhaus vom 08.07- bis 27.08.2017 Neuankäufe und Schenkungen der letzten Jahre aus der Graphischen Sammlung. Bildkästen von Siegfried Zwicker stehen im Zentrum der Präsentation und treten in Diskurs mit Arbeiten von Jean Arp, Pierre Bonnard, Ida Kerkovius, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Henry Moore und anderen sowie aktuellen Positionen der internationalen Gegenwartskunst wie Willie Doherty und Anike Joyce Sadiq.

















Die Ausstellung Near Silbury Hill steht in einer Reihe von Sammlungspräsentationen wie unter anderem Das alles auf Papier! (2007), kein licht für wen (2008) oder Obsessionen und surreale Welten (2014/15).


Sie wurde kuratiert von Andreas Baur, Leiter der Villa Merkel, Galerien der Stadt Esslingen am Neckar, und Julia Herrmann, Projektorganisation.


Since 18 May 2014


Lois Weinberger – Mobiler Garten


Opening: Sunday, 18 May 2014, 12am


The “Mobile Garten” by Lois Weinberger is a project organized by the Villa Merkel, galleries of the City of Esslingen am Neckar. It is installed in front of the winter garden and continues there over a longer period.









In its savagery the garden presents a contrast to the cultivated Merkelpark in style of an English garden.

Lois Weinberger<br/>NOUS, 2004<br/>Freiraum Studio Spiegelfabrik Niederösterreich

Lois Weinberger<br/>Mobiler Garten, 2014<br/>Installationsansicht Merkelpark/Villa Merkel

Lois Weinberger<br/>Plastikeimer, Erde, Spontanvegetation