December 21th – March 4th 2018


Networking the Unseen


Opening: Wednesday, December 20th, 7 pm



The exhibition Networking the Unseen presents international contemporary art discussing the intercultural transfer between the poles of earthing and digitality.


The relevancy of the question and the extensive list of artists, especially Australian ones, who participate in a dialogue with other international art projects, are in its form a peculiarity in Europe.


Installations, video art, painting and net based digital art will be exhibited. Thereby interrogating myths around the alleged almighty internet and analyzing the very specific social, psychological and cultural impacts of digitalization.


 The de facto rarely used potential of the internet to connect people across giant cultural and linguistic areas is made visible and appliable – with the gain of a comprehensive production of knowledge, a more pronounced level of tolerance, an enhanced cultural diversity and more respect for all forms of cultural change. 






Curtis Taylor and Lily Hibberd, The Phone Booth Project, 2012, multimedia Installation

Curtis Taylor and Lily Hibberd, The Phone Booth Project, 2012, multimedia Installation

Gretta Louw and Warnayaka Art Centre, YAMA, 2016, multimedia installation, photo: Pau Ros

Addie Wagenknecht, XXXX.XXX, 2014, five custom printed circuit boards, ethernet patch cables, aluminium

Brook Andrew, A Solid Memory for the Forgotten Plains of our Trash and Obsessions, 2015, wood, glass, paper, archive materials

Katrin Petroschkat, You Can Take a Picture of the Ghost, 2014/15, digital print









There will be a scholarly symposium and different events accompanying the project during the runtime of the exhibition at Villa Merkel.




Nora Al-Badri & Jan Nikolai Nelles (GER), Brook Andrew (AUS), Aram Bartholl (GER/NL), Neil Jupurrurla Cook (AUS), Michael Erglis (AUS), Jenny Fraser (AU), Barbara Herold & Florian Huth (GER), Lily Hibberd (AUS), Agnes Jänsch (GER), Gretta Louw (GER/AUS), Owen Mundy (US), Katrin Petroschkat (GER), Plan B (GER/UK), Anahita Razmi (GER), Curtis Taylor (AUS), Addie Wagenknecht (AT/US), Nine Yamamoto-Masson (GER) und aus dem Warnayaka Art Centre (AUS)


Curator: Gretta Louw