June 18th - August 27th, 2017




Opening: Sunday, June 18th, 11 am



JAK will remain anonymous.

JAK will only show artistic work.

Wandering, contemplating, exploring and discovering, we move through the exhibition.


In the entrance hall of Villa Merkel, an old tree towers as a sculpture seven meters above the ground. It is supported by a bright green, reflective surface made of epoxy resin, positioned diagonally. Elsewhere, a landscape of flowing fog and floating porcelain objects suggests scenery from the screenplay of a film. Typographical paintings on canvas conceal texts in geometric abstractions. Spliced and mirrored texts reflect the conceptual treatment of a medical book.



Hundreds of scenic miniature drawings, molded in epoxy as if preserved, tell a story or show the way.



And what does this all have to do with JAK? Who is JAK anyway? Has JAK been brought to life through your actions as the reader of these lines of text? In your mind, has JAK developed a body, attributes, or autonomy? Perhaps you have followed JAK’s images like a trail, made discoveries, or even invented something. A complex scenario, a fantasy has opened before you, in your imagination, like in a play, like in a film.












JAK, CUT TO:, 2017 (Entwurf)

JAK, his dream, 2017 (Entwurf)

JAK, Soul Blindness, 2015, Videoinstallation, Galerie LITMUS, Seoul, Korea

JAK, Visual Agnosia, 2017 (Detail), Buch “Visual agnosia” mit 41 Rahmen, Variable Wandinstallation

JAK, CUT TO (Detail), Installationsansicht Galerieverein Leonberg, 2015










JAK has been working on the film SOUL BLINDNESS since 2013.

The process of development differs from that of a normal, structured film shoot.

Throughout ongoing exhibition activity, JAK writes the story of the script step by step, continuing it with each exhibition. In the process, JAK employs media such as drawing, text, video, sound, sculpture, painting, photography or installation.


The story of the film is a based on a protagonist dealing with agnosia, a psychological anomaly. Interestingly, similarities between JAK, the artist, and the phenomenon of agnosia are revealed. Both are protagonists that disappear to the point of invisibility: JAK remains anonymous, while agnosia operates in the world of illusion - objects can no longer be clearly identified or placed. Everyday interactions from the script for SOUL BLINDNESS are transformed and reified as stage sets.


The exhibition at Villa Merkel follows the exhibitions HUNTING at the Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart, PROLOG at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei, and CUT TO: at Galerieverein, Leonberg, and is therefore the fourth solo exhibition related to this complex project from JAK. As a prelude to the exhibition in Esslingen, an initial exhibition will take place at the Baden-Württemberg State Office of Representation in Brussels, opening on March 2, 2017.