November 15th – November 26th, 2017




Postgraduate students from the Weißenhof-Programm of the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

Opening: Tuesday, November 14th, 7 pm

The postgraduate students from the Weißenhof-Programm of the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (2016/2017) present their latest works and projects at Villa Merkel in Esslingen from November 15th 2017.


The presentation is titled "GröKaZs" and will be festively opened on Thuesday, November 14th 2017, 7pm, by Holger Bunk, professor for painting and chairman of the program committee, and Andreas Baur, director of Villa Merkel, gallery of the city of Esslingen.


The graduates Gala Adam, Lilith Becker, Márton Dés und Charlie Stein titled their presentation "GröKaZs", meaning "Größte Künstler*innen aller Zeiten" (greatest artists of all time). This ironic acronym represents the ironical exaggeration of the grandest and best of all times. That is why the four "greatest artists of all time" will present the viewers nothing less than the "greatest art of all time" at Villa Merkel, at the same questioning to which extent perception and hope of this kind has established in art- and cultural institutions or if these promises of the market and institutions threaten them to go astray in the wrong direction.





Charlie Stein, 2017, Installationsansicht

Charlie Stein, 2017, Installationsansicht

Gala Adam, 2017, Installationsansicht

Márton Dés, 2017, Installationsansicht

Lilith Becker, 2017, Installationsansicht

Márton Dés, 2017, Installationsansicht











There will be works and projects by the graduates (Meisterschüler*innen) at Villa Merkel which are temporarily on display as well as painting, objects, video- and sound installations. "GröKaZs" is the highlight and the completion of the post-graduate study "Meisterschüler des Weißenhof-Programm der Bildenden Kunst", in which excellent artists realize intensively curated projects over a period of one year to achieve the academic degree of "Meisterschüler*in der ABK Stuttgart".






With the current presentation, the Academy and Villa Merkel continue their prolific partnership especially in regard of the previous and very successful presentation "Practice, Process, Progress" last year. Through this partnership, the Villa Merkel lives up to its claim and mission to support innovative artistic positions, to drive forth something new and offering them a broad platform. "GröKaZs" is going to be accompanied by an extensive supporting program of performances, concerts, artist talks and discussion panels. Specific dates will be announced soon.















Since 18 May 2014


Lois Weinberger – Mobiler Garten


Opening: Sunday, 18 May 2014, 12am


The “Mobile Garten” by Lois Weinberger is a project organized by the Villa Merkel, galleries of the City of Esslingen am Neckar. It is installed in front of the winter garden and continues there over a longer period.









In its savagery the garden presents a contrast to the cultivated Merkelpark in style of an English garden.

Lois Weinberger<br/>NOUS, 2004<br/>Freiraum Studio Spiegelfabrik Niederösterreich

Lois Weinberger<br/>Mobiler Garten, 2014<br/>Installationssansicht Merkelpark/Villa Merkel

Lois Weinberger<br/>Plastikeimer, Erde, Spontanvegetation